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Apowersoft ApowerPDF (Build 03/16/2019) Multilingual 190614

Apowersoft ApowerPDF (Build 03/16/2019) Multilingual 190614 Apowersoft ApowerPDF (Build 03/16/201 ..

14-06-2019 09:32 PM
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Apowersoft ApowerPDF (Build 03/16/2019) Multilingual 190614


Apowersoft ApowerPDF (Build 03/16/2019) Multilingual | 19.3 Mb

You may need to add electronic forms to your PDF d*ocument in order to make it look clear. You may want to convert your non-editable PDF files to the editable formats like Word, PPT, Text, Excel, etc. to edit your d*ocuments as needed. The solution is so easy. All you need to do is download and use this comprehensive PDF editing tool to edit PDF. Besides having many powerful functions, it is easy to use with an intuitive user-interface. Now let's have a look at the main features of this splendid program.

Modify PDF text and images
This PDF editor allows you to edit PDF files in all popular editing modes like adding, deleting, cropping, extracting and so on.
Edit text content: It allows you to insert new text, modify, move or delete existing text and adjust your text font, font size, font color and more. And you can even add highlights, underlines and strikethroughs for selected text in order to emphasize its importance.
Edit images and graphics in PDF: This PDF editing software enables you to edit your PDF images easily. For instance, you can import any new image and graphics or delete your unwanted picture and histogram. You can even resize any picture in your PDF d*ocuments, adjusting the height and width at will.

Manage PDF pages
This PDF editor allows you to manage all pages or just selected pages in your PDF d*ocuments.
Edit pages in four common modes: The PDF editor provides you four common editing page modes - delete page, extract page, crop page, rotate page. In addition, you can customize your page width and length and adjust page orientations.
Merge and Split d*ocuments: It is able to seamlessly merge several related PDF d*ocuments into a single one and split a large PDF file into several PDF d*ocuments. Sometimes, merging and splitting are two important functions for users.
Add header, footer and watermark: To make your PDF file look even more professional, you can add headers and footers to pages in your PDF file. Also, you can insert a new watermark or update the watermark to identify your d*ocuments at a glance.

Secure and sign PDF d*ocuments
This PDF editor can not only help you edit PDF d*ocuments, but also permit you to secure and sign your PDF files.
Protect PDF with password: The PDF editing shareware allows you to add an open password to protect the confidential information in your PDF files.
Sign PDF with signatures: It allows you to add approval stamps, create custom stamps and use digital signatures to make your PDF safe and unique.

Support OCR
The PDF editor adopts advanced OCR technology. With it, you can edit your image-b*ased and scanned PDF like a breeze.
Search image-b*ased PDF text: The PDF editing software applies the outstanding OCR technology. It allows you to make image-b*ased PDF text selectable and searchable effortlessly.
Edit scanned PDF: With the built-in OCR PDF editor, you can make your scanned, image-b*ased PDF files become editable d*ocuments. Then you can add, move and edit text, images and other items in your files with ease.

Design and fill out electronic PDF forms
This PDF editor allows you to fill, customize and edit your PDF electronic forms. Better yet, it provides 6 types of interactive fields and importing/exporting modes.
Fill, edit and save PDF forms: You can fill in and edit a wide variety of data on your PDF forms and then save them. By the way, it enables you to design your own forms in your PDF file. It provides you with many PDF form templates.
Add interactive fields and import/export d?ta: The PDF editing program gives you 6 interactive fields - Text Fields, Check Box, List Box, Radio Button, Button, and Dropdown. And you can import data to your PDF form directly or export data from PDF forms to FPF files.

Convert d*ocuments between PDF and editable format
In addition to editing PDF files, it has an auxiliary function - converting d*ocuments between PDF and Word, Excel, Image, Text, PPT, etc.
Convert PDF to Word, Excel, Image: It is capable of converting PDF files to other editable formats, such as Word, Text, PowerPoint, ePub and so on. It has an extremely fast conversion speed. It is particularly worth mentioning here that your converted files will preserve the original data, layout and formatting.
Save Word, PowerPoint, and JPG as PDF: This PDF editor can also serve as a PDF creator. You can make use of it to create your personal PDF d*ocuments. It allows you to create a PDF from any file as long as it can be opened on your PC.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

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Apowersoft ApowerPDF 4>1>1>315 (Build 03L16L2019) Multilingual 190614

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